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Recognised as a calming toxin, Chamomile calms restlessness, tension and depression which soothe your pulse and transport you to a serene world. Due to the immense goodness it offers, Camomile is the perfect way to close up a tension filled, busy working day which helps you to embrace a good night sleep, readying you for the challenges of the next morning.

Rosehip and Hibiscus

The high Vitamin C contents in Rosehip make the everlasting infusion of Rosehip and Hibiscus an ideal breakfast drink. While your days begins with the aromatic warmth of the blend it also helps to alleviate numerous negative health conditions such as strengthening blood vessels and adrenaline glands (Rosehip) and enhance immunity of the drinker (Rosehip) while Hibiscus helps lower Blood pressure and relaxes muscles.


Is a greatly loved, addictively enjoyed and one of the most popular form of herbs around the globe, which is not only a reason for great desires but also the friendliest companion to offer health benefits. Our Menthol tasting Peppermint range of tea has an unmistakeable snap with its own special medicinal value for gastro-intestinal, liver and bile-duct remedies, which makes drinking tea a healthy habit for a healthy long living.

The Freshness of Mint

Further exploring in to the depths of highly pleasurable flavours, tea trends introduces rather aromatic Mint flavoured brew, which guarantee in bringing you the cool freshness that definitely calms your senses.

Apple Seduction

Seduce your evenings with a fine sip of apple flavoured tea, soothing your every pulse and refreshing every cell of your body in a lingering pleasure. The brew, which has a fresh apple dissolved in this flavourful drink of elegance, becomes the ultimate choice if you want to entice a person or a group of people unto your sincere charm, to begin a wonderful and a lasting attachment.

Aromatic Earl Grey

er wondered what might be the taste of elegance? If not, it’s time for you to pick our exclusively flavoured Earl Grey tea range, which refreshes your senses with a sensational royal experience. Our fine powder of excellent Earl Grey tea not only gives a change to your senses, but also contains powerful antioxidants that promote excellent health quality.

Piquant Taste of Lemon

The flavour is quite an appealing prospect for a tea addict and for an individual who is just becoming a new addition to the World of Tea, filled with hospitality and accompanied with a certain warmth to it. Our Lemon flavoured tea range also attracts new generation.

Strawberry Cheer

Drink the virtues of health, joy and good living in this light bodied tantalizing tea, which is prepared under closely supervised, scientific measures, to ensure the purest form of pleasure is presented in its truest self. Our flavoured range cannot be completed without the flavour that the majority is addicted to so much. So let’s enjoy the world’s favourite, best quality blend of tea, spiked with the cheerful pleasures that can only be presented by our favourite flavoured companion – Strawberries.

Black Tea

Tea trends premium carries one of the finest blends to offer selected markets the real taste of “Pure Ceylon Tea”.

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