It’s your mark. Private Labeling is one of the many convenient solutions we provide you with, which allows you to stamp your brand in the industry. From the choice of branding, to the package design and the implementation, you have the complete control of how your brand should look and impress your target market, without having your ideas being limited to a certain frame. At Tea Trends Private Labeling Solutions, we assist you in matching your labels or creating your new mark as per your desire. Our staff will assist clients from R & D stage to shipment stage.

Not only do we undertake corporate level Private Labeling Solutions, but we also offer our faithful customers the opportunity to create their own customised gift solutions. Why not gift your loved ones, the purest form of Ceylon Tea in a packaging that has your personal touch, in every inch of the casing… your own words… your own design… and you can even brand it, just the way you want it! If you are intrigued by the concept,contact us and we’ll help you to arrange the best gift, with an emotional touch you’ve always wanted to have.


With any private label order we promise to deliver the most customized service while going the extra mile by adding a competitive advantage to your products. We also cater to value added packaging and promotional packaging to suite the clients marketing strategies.

Private Label
Tin Range

We at Tea Trends Exports have introduce an value added Tin packaging production line since year 2014.We are proud to service one of the most popular Tin and Gift pack retailers in the United Kingdom. In this range we do a customized packaging process as the product mix is greatly diverse. We take great passion in this process while maintaining high quality.